Manningham Housing Association is a registered provider meeting the needs of the diverse communities of Bradford & Keighley.

About Manningham

Manningham is a Registered Provider (RP) with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). We provide approximately 1300 homes for the diverse communities of Bradford and Keighley. The majority of our homes are three bedrooms or larger as a consequence of which we house over 6,000 people in our stock. The Association employs approximately 50 staff.

As well as general needs accommodation Manningham also provides housing (including emergency accommodation) and support for women that have been the subject of domestic violence. We have a modern sheltered housing scheme for older residents some of who need additional support. The Association has a subsidiary Firebird Homes through which it provides new homes. Manningham has recently signed a contract with the Homes and Community Agency to provide 75 new homes under the new affordable homes programme.